The Kammars - Israel

Jerusalem, Israel    March 26th, 2010                                

Dear Pastor and Congregation,


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


A week last Tuesday I went in to the Hadassah Hospital in order to continue treatment of the hemorrhage in the cornea of my left eye. The findings were astonishing!


First, my reading ability was 20/20 in the left eye and the right one as well! The nurse did not believe the initial result and so called in the doctor to see. 

Second, the blood splatters have washed away by 90%.

Third, the fluid in the problem left eye has drained by 85%.

Fourth, the pressure in the problem vein has subsided.

Fifth, the intensity of light in the right eye is at 100% and in the left eye it is at 90%.

Another doctor and another nurse and then the head Professor all came in. He said you are very lucky. I said this is an answer to prayer. He said things could have been much worse and should have taken more time to heal but I thought that my eye was the object of a miracle from God! He said that my eye will never be 100% normal again but I cannot distinguish any difference any more! Praise the Lord!

The improvement baffled the Jewish medical staff!  


After a total of 2 tests and 4 exams with medical equipment, the least expensive of which  was $ 50 and the most expensive was $ 250 and  a  $ 275 shot in the eye which was again very painful, I left the hospital very happy and grateful for your prayers!  

I thank the Lord Jesus for my eye!


Your missionary to Jerusalem,

Ramzi Kammar